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213462.7_OpenACC_Cloverleaf_CS_FNL.pdf CloverLeaf customer story 1.0
213462 10_OpenACC_API_QRG_HiRes.pdf OpenACC 2.0 API Quick Reference Guide 2.0
SC13_OpenACC_booths_and_sessions.pdf SC13: OpenACC Booths and Events
OpenACC Cloud-Right for You v13.docx Will It Work for You? V2
OpenACC.2.0a.pdf OpenACC 2.0a Spec (Corrected)
OpenACC_Quick_Reference_Guide_1_0b.pdf OpenACC Quick Reference Guide Version 1.0b
PGI-Wolfe-GTC-Notes.pdf OpenACC 2.0 and the PGI Accelerator Compilers
S3084_jamescbeyer.pdf The Use of OpenMP and OpenACC Accelerator Directives in the Cray Compilation Environment (CCE)
OpenACC 2.0 Spec